Gulf Bodybuilder Seeks International Recognition

Haifa Mussaui, try to participate in world competitions and join the International Federation of Bodybuilding

Haifa Mussaui, a bodybuilder from Bahrain, proudly displays her musculature and dreams of international recognition after having given up hope of being considered an athlete in her region. The 32-year-old girl began as a teenager to practice bodybuilding with a private trainer to fight obesity, which is widespread in the Gulf country.

“I had an obesity problem and I liked bodybuilding,” said this woman with a square jaw, big eyes and hair in a ponytail. As a teenager, he devoured every newspaper article about the sport. “At that age, I had neither the experience nor the knowledge to become a bodybuilder. And it was not easy to become a bodybuilder in our society, where the practice of this sport is very rare among women.”

Haifa Mussaui’s family encouraged her during the time she was trying to lose weight. “But later, they began to be afraid” of the food supplements consumed in this sport, which they finally ended up accepting. Ten years later, this bareini collects bodybuilding organization certificates and works at a Dubai center specializing in weight loss, where she trains women and men.

On June 12, Mussaui participated in the International Natural Bodybuilding Association Championships, which took place for the first time in Dubai, and which ranked sixth in its category.

Now, the young woman is trying to obtain a professional card in order to participate in world competitions and join the International Federation of Bodybuilding. However, it will not be able to represent Bahrain or any other Gulf country where this sport is still very reserved for men.

The bodybuilder wants to travel to Portugal in October to obtain a residence permit and represent this country in international competitions, with the help of her Portuguese coach Andreia Sousa. “It is my dream and I want to fulfill it. If Portugal can help me, why boldenone Deutschland not,” said the athlete.

While more and more Arab women are interested in this sport, especially to lose weight, many hate to practice it because of “opposition from society”, Haifa explained.

In the club where he works, a Yemeni-Pakistani, Shaza Jamil, is inclined to the same sport. “Men often ask me why I practice bodybuilding,” she says, lifting the weights, “They say ‘you’re a girl and you’re going to ruin your body …'”.

After a year practicing bodybuilding, she already took second steroide online kaufen erfahrungen place in the category called bikini, during a tournament in Great Britain.

Like Haifa Mussaui, she began to practice this sport to lose weight and, like her, she faced resistance from her family.

“It is true that we wear bikini in competition, but we do not hurt anyone. We only show the result in our body of so much effort,” she adds, affirming that bodybuilding “changed her life.”